UPDATE:  Level 1 Screening December 18, 2014  Initial modeling of the Shared Solution (“Level 1 Screening” in the EIS process) has determined that the Shared Solution Alternative MEETS the Purpose and Need for the West Davis Corridor! The Shared Solution Alternative now advances to “Level 2 Screening” to evaluate the alternative’s  impacts on homes, wetlands and air quality.

UPDATE: Shared Solution Map The Shared Solution Principles and Projects have been published! Check out the Shared Solution Elements map or the explanation of land use designations used on the principles map.

Shared Solution Elements 110114Microsoft Word - Land Use Designations.docx


UDOT’s Proposed West Davis Freeway: Before and After 




Left: Existing neighborhood, trail and ranch in West Davis County

Right: Same neighborhood, trail and ranch after the construction of the Preferred Alternative of the West Davis Highway (Look at the skylines to compare photos)



The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), has been studying a potential transportation corridor in western Davis and Weber counties to reduce congestion on I-15 during peak hours. Their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was published in July 2013.

According to the DEIS, road congestion due to population growth in the study area will increase by 229 percent by the year 2040, with negative ramifications for lost productivity and intolerable congestion. At the request of local governments that have identified the need for additional transportation structure in the affected area, UDOT initiated the West Davis Corridor project to improve regional travel options.

UDOT and FHWA have proposed a narrow range of alternatives consisting of either a No-Action Alternative (no investments beyond currently planned projects), or construction of a four-lane highway. In contrast to these two options, Utahns for Better Transportation (UBET) and its partnering groups of concerned citizens are asking UDOT and FHWA to fully study and evaluate a Shared Solution alternative applying the principles of the Wasatch Choice for 2040. UDOT and UBET and its partner groups have been meeting together on this subject since 2010.

The Shared Solution includes a package of strategies that, when combined, add up to an effective means of satisfying UDOT’s purpose and need without the costs of building a new road. The Shared Solution would provide significant congestion relief while supporting community-building and economic development benefits. It would protect the existing farms and wetlands that make West Davis County such a critical part of the Wasatch Fronts ecology and a desirable place to live. Through encouraging more centered job and housing development on major roadways, implementing creative “boulevard” designs, and making transit convenient and affordable, congestion relief would be great. Rather than a single $600 million investment that benefits the few, the Shared Solution benefits the vast majority of Davis County residents and is a proactive about the challenges fast approaching our region.

The Shared Solution concept generally consists of the following aspects:

  • “Boulevard Communities” and activity centers
  • High frequency, high visibility, low cost transit circulators
  • Innovative intersections
  • Making I-15 more efficient by using ramp metering that prevents the roadway from failing during peak congestion
  • Attracting jobs to Davis County to reduce commuting distance and time
  • Phasing-in these innovations in a strategic, coordinated way

For more information on the Shared Solution, or to request a presentation, call 801-355-7085 or send email to utahnsforbettertransportation@gmail.com.