Principles for Balanced Transportation

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  • October 25, 2010

October 2010 | Mountain View Vision Voluntary Agreement, Signed March, 10 2004

Principle of Agreement #4 – Balanced Transportation

We desire a balanced transportation system for our future that will involve more transportation choices. The phasing and implementation of transportation investments over the next decade will affect land use development patterns and therefore affect future travel needs and the availability and effectiveness of other viable transportation choices. The sequencing of transportation investments needs to be studied to recommend the most effective and cost efficient way to meet future travel needs, reduce the rate of growth of vehicle miles traveled, improve air quality through a better balance between auto, transit, walk and bike trips, and to recommend the best way to encourage the types of land uses throughout the corridor that will support these improvements. ”


    1. Adopt plans, programs and projects and make investments that reduce the rate of growth of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) rather than attempt to accommodate projections that VMT will increase faster than population growth.
    2. Improve air quality by managing future travel demand with a balanced transportation system and integrated land use patterns that reduce automobile dependence and VMT growth.
    3. Incorporate bicycle facilities in all transportation plans, programs and projects and make investments to insure safe, well-connected bikeways as part of networks throughout the region that accommodate all kinds of riders including transit users.
    4. Protect sensitive environmental resources (e.g., wetlands) and valuable community resources (e.g., existing homes) in planning and implementing transportation improvement projects
    5. Utilize screening and performance criteria that fit the goal of a balanced system with shared solutions and more balanced travel mode share for future mobility.
    6. Enhance the public open house format by including a brief presentation of the plan, program, or project at a specific time with opportunity for public questions or comments afterwards.

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