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Dear Friend,                                                                                                                              April 4, 2003


As you know, the proposed Legacy Parkway was sent back to the drawing boards last September for a new set of environmental studies to determine the best combination and timing of transportation improvements in south Davis County, and to determine the impact of proposed new roads on wildlife. 


A Public Open House will be held Thursday April 17, 2003, 4 to 8pm, at Woods Cross High School, to provide the public an opportunity to give input on the scope of these studies.


Legacy Parkway Review

·           On September 16, 2002 a panel of three judges from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the Final Environmental Impact Statement was inadequate on significant issues and that the Corps of Engineers had acted in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner in approving the permit to fill wetlands to build the Legacy Parkway.

·           On December 4, 2002 UBET and Sierra Club met with UDOT, Federal Highways and the Corps to request early and ongoing involvement of the public including UBET and its experts in the development of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS).

·           In January 2003 UBET hired Robert Cervero, a world-renowned planner and expert on the effects of integrating transit system development with supportive land use development patterns. He will serve as an advisor to UBET as we engage in the SEIS development. Put his name in on the internet and you will get to his website that shows his impressive experience.

·           In February 2003 UBET, the Sierra Club and Rocky Anderson met with Rep. Stuart Adams and other Davis County elected officials to discuss the possibility of engaging in mutually binding arbitration instead of going to court if there were disputes at the end of the SEIS process. More importantly we agreed to seek an alternative dispute resolution process up front, that would formally engage the public, including UBET and it experts, in the SEIS development process.



Thursday April 17, 2003  ·  4 to 8 pm  ·  Woods Cross High  ·  600 West 2200 South

I-15 2600 South, Woods Cross, Exit #318   ·   High School is northeast of interchange

The range and depth of issues to be addressed in the SEIS is the subject of this meeting. The requirements for the SEIS include two main tasks: 1) addressing the issues UBET prevailed upon in court, and 2) updating all information and reconsideration of prior decisions where new information is significant regarding the most effective, least damaging, long range transportation solutions. The issues UBET prevailed on include:

·           Sequencing - FEIS failed to consider alternative sequencing of transportation investments

·           Integration - FEIS failed to consider integration of Legacy Parkway and transit development.

·           Road Alignment and Configuration - FEIS eliminated other possible practicable routes

·           Wildlife Impacts - FEIS failed to consider impacts to wildlife beyond 1000’ from the highway


Plan to attend this important meeting. This is one of the key opportunities the public will have to weigh in on what the SEIS will include. There will also an opportunity to mail in written comments. For more info see or email or call us with any questions or suggestions.


Yours for healthy wetlands and a balanced transportation system,



Lynn de Freitas for UBET                                             Roger Borgenicht for UBET

President, Friends of Great Salt Lake                              Chair, Future Moves Coalition

(801) 582-1496                         (801) 355-7085    

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