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Sierra Club
2120 South 1300 East Ste 204
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

A Citizen's Smart Growth Alternative to the Legacy Parkway

Shortly after our victory in the 10th Circuit Court over the proposed Legacy Parkway, the Sierra Club and our partners, Utahns for Better Transportation, began working on a "Transit 1st Solution" to achieve a balanced transportation system for our future. A nationally renowned transportation consulting firm was brought in and the Smart Growth Alternative was developed. This forward thinking transportation strategy will meet future travel demand while protecting wetlands and the environment.

The Citizens Smart Growth Alternative consists of five integral parts.

  1. Commuter Rail to Ogden
  2. Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit (light rail on tires) to Farmington
  3. Improvements to I-15 (widening and reconstruction of Beck Street and Parrish Lane interchanges)
  4. Revitalizing Redwood Road, creating a low-impact extension to Parrish Lane, and improving a frontage connector to Highway 89 in Farmington
  5. Retain the Legacy Nature Preserve

The Citizens Smart Growth Alternative is an overall better transportation/growth vision.

Because it will:

  • Protect hemispheric significant wetlands of the Great Salt Lake
  • Maximize transit and slow sprawl growth
  • Save an estimated $270 million in state funds over the Legacy shared solution
  • Create a non-freeway, alternative transportation route through Davis County

UDOT and the Federal Highway Administration have dismissed this Smart Growth Alternative. They have recently issued a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement in an attempt to build the same wetlands destroying, sprawl-inducing Legacy Parkway that the courts overturned. Your comments and activism are needed once again!

Please write or email comments today to the Federal Highway Administration.

Tell them to give full and fair consideration of the Citizens Smart Growth Alternative.

Because it will:

  • Greatly reduce the loss of valuable wetlands compared to the Legacy Parkway alternative.
  • Meet future travel needs. (The agencies have greatly underestimated transit ridership projections)
  • Promote a better quality of life with more transit friendly development patterns, better long-term air quality, and open space preservation.

Send your comments to:

    Gregory Punske, Program Manager
    FHWA - Utah Division
    2520 West 4700 South Ste. 9A
    Salt Lake City, UT 84118

Send e-mail to:

For more information call Marc at (801) 467-9294


Please Come to the Legacy Parkway DSEIS Public Hearing!
Friday, January 7, 2005 from 4:00 - 9:00pm
Davis County Fairgrounds
(151 South 1100 West Farmington)

From the South
From I-15, take Farmington exit (#325) and continue straight to State Street. Turn left on State Street and go west over I-15. Turn left on 1100 West (beyond the jail) to get to the fairgrounds.
From the North
From I-15, take the Farmington exit to Park Lane. Follow signs to Fairgrounds.

Your Attendance is Urgently Needed!!!

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