Transit First Policy:

A Transit First investment policy for the Greater Wasatch Area over the next decade would do more than any other action to sustain the high quality of life we enjoy here. Following are the guiding principles and goals of such a policy.

  • Identify the safest, most efficient, and most environmentally sustainable combination of ways to move people and goods within and through the region. Prioritize transit solutions/investments in meeting future travel demand needs and desires
  • Seek to reduce rather than attempt to accommodate the predicted growth in VMT (vehicle miles traveled)
  • Invest in alternatives that will create convenient alternatives to SOV (single occupant vehicle) use
  • Reduce total number and length of motorized vehicle trips by creating walkable communities, bicycle networks and better housing/jobs/services balance in land use development patterns
  • Provide customer oriented transit services to those to those too young, old or unable to own or drive an automobile including attractive pricing for transit